Why I Write

Hey Friends!

Here’s my little corner of the world! I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you stay and look around!

I created this page on my website to give you a little history to why I chose to start writing and why it’s dear to my heart.

When I was younger I used to write stories and I would imagine in my head that they would become movies one day and that I would be the star actress! Haha it sounds so silly now when I think of it. It sounds so far fetched and crazy. But what doesn’t sound as silly, was the desire to write a book. Even from a young age, I wanted to use creativity to create something beautiful with words and feelings. But as most kids do, they grow up, and they forget about the passions they had as a child.

When I was a kid I used to think that one day I would marry a country boy and we would live out on land with horses and a white picket fence. I wanted someone who could take me on adventures and love the outdoors. But again, as most kids do, they grow up and slowly those things fade away when you’re swept away by the rest of the world, and you start to forget what you wanted. Several years later, boyfriends, skater boys, and heart breaks, I found the guy I wanted when I was just a little girl. My crazy country boy. We don’t have horses or a big house in the middle of the country, but we have aspirations to build those things that we want and we find enjoyment from being in the outdoors and exploring God’s beautiful creation.

Growing up I met several Deaf adults and started learning sign language at a young age. I was always fascinated with it and loved learning about it. However, as I grew older, i forgot about it and lost clarity on dreams and passions that i had loved as a child. I was interested in other things and never thought about making a career out of it. But, God had different plans. Now I work with Deaf kids everyday and have let the language and community change and better me in so many ways.

Ya know, its funny how these things happen. I think that’s God’s way of getting our attention. Even when we try to ignore it, the things that are dear to our hearts keep flourishing until we do something about them.

I’ve messed but. I definitely haven’t made all the right decisions. I’m so far from perfect. I’ve detoured down paths that I wish I could’ve walked differently. BUT just like all the desires of my heart that I forgot about from my childhood, God took all those things and redeemed them and recreated my passion and purpose.

My heart is to teach young ladies about their worth and their voice. I want them to know their value in every part of life, whether it be with family, relationships, friendships, marriage, or individuality. I can identify with how much more freeing Life can be when we stop trying to fit in people’s boxes. And lastly.. I believe that genuine, real, people, are like food for the soul. And I hope we can create a community of reality, encouragement, and teachable hearts. Because you can never have too much of that in your life!

So… Here I am. Giving my dreams a shot. Trying out this new thing. Learning. Pushing myself. And hoping to share my story, passion for love, relationships, individuality, and LIFE.

-Hannah Grace

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